Run(cache) fessions, December 2016

And now for my December RunnerCache Wrap, AKA Run-cache-fessions!  Thanks to Marcia’s Healthy Slice for hosting this fun linkup.  I’m also linking up with Kelly for 7 Quick Takes.  Enjoy!


I runfess:  I entered the RunChat Holiday scavenger hunt again, and even though the odds of me winning for the second year in a row are slim, I made darn sure I found all the items on the list.  And I might have submitted more than the maximum twelve photos they require…accidentally…


I runfess:  I acted like a stalker on some of my runs, taking photos of random houses because I liked their decorations.


I cache-fess:  I had big plans to go running over the 2 weeks of Christmas break in places where there are an abundance of geocaches. Instead I mostly stayed close to my home on my runs–running past geocaches I’ve long since found–and the only cache I managed to find was one that happened to be near where I was taking a class to renew my CPR and First Aid certification.  I didn’t even do THAT one right because it was supposed to be a “night cache”, and I think I found it at about 12:45 pm.


In fact one day I got all dressed up in my running clothes, complete with my Santa hat, and drove out to the place where I had planned to run, find a couple of geocaches, and then do a little Christmas shopping.  I left later than I planned (typical) and on the way I decided, “Well, let me just go to this place first, then I’ll run…” and it was all over.  It was too cold, I needed to be home by lunch, etc. etc.  No running and no geocaching that day.  I runfess…I can get really lazy sometimes.


I think having “Paradise By the Dashboard Light” to my Spotify playlist helped me get that PR at the Blue and Gray Half.  I might or might not have been singing it at the top of my lungs at around Mile 9 of the race.  I runfess… I do that all the time.  In fact me and Gavin DeGraw have a unique and special running relationship.  And Rick Springfield?  He has a way of pulling me through the worst of running funks.


I runfess/cachefess:  I get all excited anytime I hear about some random person I’ve seen on TV who happens to be into running and/or geocaching.  Y’all know I am totally addicted to the Amazon Prime show, The Man In The High Castle, right?  It takes place in 1962, in an alternate universe where America is ruled by Japan and Nazi Germany because we lost World War II.  (We finished Season 2 the other night. It’s EVEN BETTER than Season 1.)  Luke Kleintank plays a chain-smoking,  drop dead gorgeous handsome young Nazi named Joe who meets a girl named Juliana (played brilliantly by the lovely Alexa Davalos), and he becomes so smitten with her that by the end of Season 1 he’s starting to think being a Nazi isn’t very much fun. So I’m surfing YouTube while back and I find an interview that Luke and Alexa did about a year ago, right before Season 1 came out.  Wouldn’t you know Luke likes to go geocaching?  He’s asked about it around the 3:07 mark.  The look on Alexa’s face when he’s trying to explain it to her, though…!

(OK. Dude.  I know it’s a hypothetical question, but putting cigarettes in a geocache is a big no-no.  The geocaching police would be all over you.  I like Alexa’s idea much better.)

I’ve been stalking following Luke on Instagram for a while, and he’s got at least one post on his feed about trail running.   Excuse me while I fangirl.


You would think from this post that I had a crappy running and geocaching month!  OK, for geocaching that would be a yes, but not for running!  I got a sweet half marathon PR, got to run with many of my friends from Life Runners and Moms Run This Town, and enjoyed lots of fresh air and beautiful local scenery.  OH, and I read a really great book called Nowhere Near First by Cory Reese.  It’s a very moving and inspiring story about an ordinary guy and his love for running.  (I now have a new epic run to put on my bucket list:  Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim.  Thanks Cory…I think…)

Miles run: 100.2

Miles on Trails: about 6.  Not enough! 

Group Runs: 1

Geocaches Found: 1 (But hey, no DNFs!  Woot!)

To the handful of you that actually read this, thank you!  Stay tuned for my Runnercaching resolutions for 2017.  Meanwhile, be sure to visit Marcia’s Healthy Slice for more Runfessions, and This Ain’t The Lyceum for more Quick Takes!  Happy New Year!


One thought on “Run(cache) fessions, December 2016

  1. I can totally relate to the runcrastination. That happened to me more often in 2016 than I would like. Getting my runs done first thing is one of my goals in 2017. Thanks for linking up!


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