Run(cache)fessions: November 2016

I’m trying something new on this here little blog–my November RunnerCache Wrap is now Runfessions (RunnerCacheFessions?? Gotta work on that one), and I’m linking up with Marcia’s Healthy Slice blog.  It will be a 7 Quick Takes too, like my usual monthly wrap, so I’ll link up with Kelly as well.


As I mentioned in my last post, I signed up for the Devil Dog Double Challenge in May, which is something new in honor of the tenth anniversary of the Marine Corps Historic Half.  You run the Semper Five Mile Race at a 9-minute mile pace or less, and then turn around and run the Historic Half and finish both races in four hours.  When I first heard about it I said, “Forget it!”  Run 5 miles (including Hospital Hill, no less) at 9 minutes per mile, and THEN go run the half marathon??  Not a chance.  Then after running a 5K with an 8:49 pace…well…perhaps maybe I can pull it off..?   I runfess… if I hadn’t been drinking wine during Thanksgiving dinner (and before, and after) I might have been able to resist making such an irrational decision…


(Me around Mile 7 of the 2016 Historic Half.  Hopefully I’ll still be smiling when I get to this point…)


I’ve been a part of a wonderful Bible study these last couple of years called Walking With Purpose.  We read parts of the Bible at home, answer some questions about how it applies to our lives as Catholic women, and then we come together to discuss the material.  It really is a great program, and I’ve made a lot of friends through it.  I even set aside some time in the mornings (when I’m not running) to read and reflect on the scripture and the questions.  The problem?  Lately I’ve been jumping onto Instagram and Facebook and my WordPress reader to see what other running-obsessed (and geocaching-obsessed) people like myself have been up to, and getting ideas for this here blog.  And going online looking for races to dream of running–and geocaches to dream of finding.  I runfess… as a result I’ve been showing up to the Bible Study meetings without having done my homework.  Tsk, tsk…


I’ve managed to find a whopping TWO geocaches in November, and they were both my favorite kind–ammo cans in the woods! Four out of the last five caches I found have been that type, in fact.  Since I’ve started doing more trail running, I’m finally getting to those more out-of-the-way caches in my area.  I cache-fess… I’m not as consistent with geocaching as I am with running.


I runfess… I have done zero strength training in November.  I missed a couple of my cardio and core classes when we were preparing for Ray to go into surgery (cancer has a tendency to make you put other things on the back burner) and then our fearless leader Sarah went on vacation.  I do have some free weights in my basement, but I’ve been too lazy to use them.  (Note to self:  You know can lift and binge watch The Man In The High Castle at the same time, don’t you?  In between sips of wine?)


(Seriously, y’all.  The Man In The High Castle.  I’ve watched Season 1 twice.  Season 2 comes out December 16.  If you have Amazon Prime, you HAVE to check it out.  OH, and I learned something quite interesting–and relevant to this blog–about one of the stars of the show.  You’ll have to wait for another post to find out what it is…tee hee…)


Back in June I bought a pair of Saucony Ride 9’s, and ended up getting a size 11 instead of my usual 10, because Saucony up and changed their design to make the toe box smaller.  I ran in them for a couple of months and then started developing plantar fasciitis. It might have been the shoes, it might not have, but it was too late to take them back.  I went to my other running store and got a pair of Saucony Triumphs on sale, and have been running  in those with no problems.  The salesman advised me to send the other shoes back to the company and see if I could get a credit for something else.  I runfess… I’m too lazy to do that.  I finally dug those big Ride 9’s out of my closet last week and went on a couple of runs with them with no issues.  I figure I’ll use them for some of my slow, easy runs.  If nothing else it will extend the life of my Triumphs a little bit…


(I did manage to go on one fabulous group run in November!  That’s my big ol’ blue Ride 9 on the very bottom.  I have to wear my thickest running socks with them.)


I runfess… I ordered two new running accessories: my Knuckle Lights, and  a new pair of Bluez 2 wireless headphones because my old ones were trashed.  I got them right around the time of Ray’s surgery, although I don’t think I really planned it that way.  Thing is, he’s all about me staying safe out there on the road, and he was all like, “Yes, please buy them!”  He feels better when I’m running with other people rather than by myself.  He gets nervous when I run in the dark.  He got me the headphones for Mother’s Day last year, because not only are they wireless, but instead of sticking them in your ears you wear them on the outside, and the bones inside your head help conduct the sound.  I love them because they sound great and I can still hear what is going on around me.  And the Knuckle Lights?  Let’s face it, headlamps are uncomfortable and they don’t really help me see where I’m going all that much.  These are super bright, and I just wrap them around my hands.  (The only negative is that the strap comes undone easily and they’re rubber so they make my hands sweat.  If they were Velcro that would solve both of those issues.)

(See my headphones?  I can just put them around my neck when I’m not using them.  They bounce a little, not too much, and not at all when they’re on my head.  And they’re rechargeable, as are the Knuckle Lights.)

And there’s my product review which isn’t earning me squat.


I’ve saved the best for last!  Meet John Paul.  If you ran the Turkey Trot in Fredericksburg last week you might have seen him in front of his house dressed like Rocky, cheering on runners with the Rocky theme playing on his front porch.  His family made this video as part of his first communion prep.  It’s a great reminder that as we enter into Advent it’s important to take care of our souls as well as our bodies.  And a great running tour of Fredericksburg, too!

What’s that awesmeness got to do with me and my runfessions, you ask?  Well, I runfess… I often put St. Mary Church on my running route–and even as my “home base”– so I can stop in for a couple of minutes of quiet prayer and to reflect on the many blessings in my life.  I have a lot to be thankful for this Advent. (And a special thanks to John Paul’s mama for allowing me to share this!)

Miles run:  80

Miles run on trails: about 16

Geocaches found:  2

Group runs:  1

Races:  Turkey Trot 5K

We’re careening into the busiest time of year.  I don’t know when I’ll have a chance to post here again.  It might be after Christmas, but hopefully before.  Have a wonderful Advent, and don’t forget to get out there for a run or a geocache!  And please check out Marcia’s Healthy Slice for more Runfessions, and This Ain’t The Lyceum for more quick takes!


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