A little PR for Thanksgiving (in 7 takes)


We have a lot to be thankful for this year.  Ray is recovering well from his surgery.  There is a good chance he won’t need chemo.  We’ll find out next week.  He was feeling well enough to prepare the Thanksgiving turkey in the smoker.  The time spent with friends and family are more precious than ever.


Since I was going to be in town this year, I decided to run our local Turkey Trot, which is one of our most popular local races.



I met up with some friends from our Fredericksburg Life Runners Chapter before the race for a prayer for the unborn and a group photo.  We have three new members, and two of them came to the race!  It was great meeting them and seeing my other Life Runners friends, too.



I was assigned to the second wave at the start.  When I signed up I predicted I would finish between 28-31 minutes, with hopes of beating my 5K PR of 28:08.  I said hello to a friend from Bible study, who was running with her family.  I had left my run-walk timer at home since I wasn’t planning on taking any walk breaks.  I saw several people I knew along the course.  At one point there were two young guys leaning over their fence drinking beers and cheering for the runners, and I hollered that they should be out here too.  They yelled back that they had already run that morning.  Yeah, sure.  I had been a little worried that I would go out too fast and wear myself out before the end, but the enthusiasm of the runners and the relative flatness of the course (there were a few little hills, not bad) helped me keep a brisk pace throughout.  There was a radio on a front porch playing the “Rocky” theme.  I found out later that the house belonged to a friend of mine from church, whose son came out dressed as Rocky to cheer on the runners after I had already passed by.  During the last mile I saw a friend whose sons had gone to the preschool where I teach, and she got this photo of me as I passed by giving them high-fives.



When I crossed the finish line I knew I had gotten a PR.  My Fitbit said 27:42 with a pace of 8:49.  My friend P from Life Runners was waiting for me, and after chatting with her for a few minutes I headed back to the car.  (I saw a guy puking near the finish line.  Please don’t ever let me push myself to that point.  I don’t imagine it’s worth it.)


Check out my negative splits!



After stuffing myself with turkey, pumpkin pie, and the gluten free carrot cake my mother made, and several glasses of wine, I went online and registered for the Historic Half.  To be specific, the Devil Dog Double Challenge, which they’ve introduced this year in honor of the tenth anniversary of the race.  You run the Semper 5 mile race and then turn right around at the finish and run the half.  The catch is you have to maintain a 9-minute per mile pace during the 5 mile, and must finish the entire 18.1 miles in 4 hours.  I’m going to have to train my butt off for that one, and that will probably be my big spring race.  I’ll save my next full marathon for the fall.  Maybe.

Official time:  27:36

PR of 32 seconds

I’m linking up with Kelly from This Ain’t The Lyceum, so please check it out! And if you haven’t seen my recap of the Hokie Half in October, you can find it here.

Happy Thanksgiving, and have a great weekend!


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