RunnerCache Wrap: September and October 2016

I don’t talk about politics on this blog, but if you’re interested in a somewhat lighthearted perspective on the goings-on in America, check out my post from The Day After.  And now for what’s really important:  Running and geocaching, of course!


In September I was still training for the Marine Corps Marathon.  I got some new Saucony Triumphs, and my longest run was 21 miles.

I am looking at spring marathons to run since I ended up not doing Marine Corps.  Quite possibly it will be Blue Ridge, but I’m considering others too.  I’m itching to start training!  I’m beginning to really love those long hours out on the roads and trails.


Over the past few years I’ve hidden several geocaches inspired by Sherlock.  It’s been over a year since I’ve put out a new one.  Thanks to The Geocaching Vlogger and  Cache Advance’s monthly geochallenge, I finally got the kick in the pants that I needed to get a new one placed–a nano at the end of the VCR trail called “The Last…For Now.”


I don’t know when I’ll get any more caches placed, but as for Sherlock…Season Four is coming!  It may well be The Last For Ever, so let’s enjoy it.


September 23 was when the cancer hit the fan, and the next day we went to the Virginia Tech homecoming game.  We were in a bit of a daze, knowing there was a tumor and it would need to come out, but nothing else.  We were thankful to get away and spend the weekend with Matt and my parents, and celebrating Virginia Tech’s win!


I got up that Sunday morning for a 6-mile run in the dark.  About a mile in I realized I had forgotten my phone.  No photos, and I wasn’t going to be looking for that parking-lot geocache I wanted.  But I needed to run and it felt good.


The Hokie Half!  Stay tuned for a recap.



One of our Life Runners, P, has organized a one-mile kids’ fun run for the past couple of years to coincide with Holy Cross Academy’s annual ice cream social and cakewalk.  This year a few of us got together to help out, and one member brought her kids to run the race!  It was a lot of fun and a great way to represent the unborn.


P and I also got to hand out water for the Fredericksburg Pregnancy Center’s Walk/Run for Life on October 1.  We forgot to take photos, but I here’s a collage of the event was posted on Facebook .  Can you find us?


(Photo credit:  Kevin Brown)

A great way to spend a rainy Saturday.


Group runs have been pretty much nonexistent these last two months.  Except for bumping into a friend during one of my long September training runs and running with her for a few miles, and an event one Thursday night sponsored by one of our local running stores (the night before that fateful colonoscopy, actually–and that run was wonderful!), I have done all my runs alone.  Hopefully in November I’ll run with friends more often!

I have been taking as many opportunities as I can to run on trails, though!  Out on the trail I turn off the music and put my Hail Marys  on hold (I often pray the Rosary while I’ve run) and just let my mind run free.  I’m getting better at keeping my eyes on the trail and dodging roots and rocks–it’s not easy this time of year with leaves on the ground!  Even on days when my legs feel heavy and sluggish when I run out the door, the moment my feet hit the trail I forget about being tired.


The night before Ray’s surgery, my mother-in-law reminded me that it was vital that I keep running.  I took her words to heart, even going out for a few miles while he was still in the hospital.  I even was able to sneak in a run on the afternoon of the 31st, and I went after a geocache that I’ve been meaning to find for a while–and got a new souvenir for my profile page!  I’m so thankful for the gifts of geocaching and running to help me maintain my inner peace.

Miles run: 174

Geocaches found: 6

DNFs:  2

Races:  Hokie Half Marathon

We got some great news from the surgeon yesterday!  He was able to remove all of the cancer, Ray has been cleared to drive and go back to work, AND…there’s a good chance he won’t even need chemo!  We’ll know for sure when we talk to the oncologist at the end of November, but we’re so happy!

I’m linking up with Kelly at This Ain’t The Lyceum.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and GOOD LUCK to everyone running in Richmond tomorrow!


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