It’s like watching an Indy Car race, but not

When I watch an Indy Car race on TV, three things usually happen:

  1.  I fall asleep and miss part of it
  2. I’m happy for the person who wins and sad for the ones who feel cheated.
  3. I’m having wine.

Last summer when Graham Rahal beat James Hinchcliffe at Texas Motor Speedway, I sent Graham a congratulatory tweet.  Hinchcliffe was very disappointed in the outcome of that race, so I tweeted him too and told him that he rocked. (Hinch “liked” my tweet, which made me slightly giddy.)

(Graham: Happy.  Hinch: Not so much.)

It’s similar when we attend a race in person, but more exciting and I don’t fall asleep.  And I’m not drinking because all they have is beer (which I don’t consume anymore since I went on my gluten-free diet) and overpriced frozen drinks that taste like Slurpees.

I don’t care who wins, because I’m happy no matter what the outcome.

Watching this election cycle has been kind of like watching a race, except it’s important who wins and I wasn’t going to be happy with either outcome. Plus, at an Indy Car race people aren’t getting angry and calling each other not nice things. (Well, sometimes the drivers do, but the fans are ALWAYS nice to each other no matter which driver they support.)


(At the 2013 Indy 500.)

During the election returns I had a glass of wine and a mojito.  I fell asleep and missed the end.  I voted third party for the first time in my life, because frankly we had two bad choices and I felt I needed to vote for someone with integrity and who stood for the issues I care about.  I wasn’t rooting for either candidate.  I posted jokes on social media about drinking games (as in, drink every time Brett Baier or Wolf Blitzer said “The Chandy” or “The Magic Board”), about it being the end of the world as we know it, and how I wished we could elect Daryl from The Walking Dead because he’s the badassest and the awesomest.  Frankly I think it’s better to have a sense of humor about this whole mess than to spend my energy fretting about how we’re doomed if this one or that one wins the election.


A lot of my friends were excited to be voting for Hillary, and I was genuinely happy for them.  Some friends were excited to vote for Trump–and others voted for him grudgingly, only to avoid electing Clinton.  I feel for them too, and I get it.  I’ve been sick of all the anger and people saying that if you vote for Trump you’re selling your soul to the devil and if you vote for Hillary you’re going to Hell.

Am I happy with this outcome?  Absolutely not.  Am I angry at those who voted for Donald Trump?  Nope.  Would I be happier had Hillary won the election?  Probably not.

Now let’s go for a run!  Or maybe go find a geocache together.  Or go out for a glass of wine–or beer, if that’s your preference.  We can debate which contestant is going to win on Dancing With The Stars.  (Of course I’m rooting for James Hinchcliffe–but I’ll be happy for whoever wins.  Hopefully Hinch can put down his phone long enough to dance.)


Can we all be friends again please?


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