RunnerCaching Fred: Virginia Central Railway Trail Part One (Blue and Gray Parkway east to Sophia Street)

My apologies for the long title, and for the fact that it’s been over a week since my last post!  (If you missed my recap of the John Robbins 8K, check it out here.)


The Virginia Central Railway (VCR) Trail is one of the newer walking/cycling/running trails in the area.  It’s only a 2.7-mile long trail but I’m dividing it into two sections because there are so many geocaches to find along this route!  I’ve found every single one of them, not including the cache I hid a couple of years ago just off the trail in Alum Spring Park.  I’ll tell you about that one in Part Two.

Best of Lafayette, Within a Stone’s Throw (GC1HRKG)

Starting at the very tricky intersection with the Blue and Gray Parkway (Pay attention to the traffic signals!)  you’ll run along Lafayette Boulevard for a bit until the trail makes a loop to go under the street along Hazel Run.  At the top of the next rise on your left you’ll see a smallish brick building.  Exit the trail and go through the little parking lot toward Lafayette, where you’ll find a geocache with a nice view of the Fredericksburg National Cemetery.  I remember visiting this site several times and coming up empty-handed before finally emailing the owner (Goingtopot) for help, and he kindly told me exactly where to find it.  I won’t tell you, though…tee hee…


KU #23:  Hold On To Your Dreams (GC4M1QK, Premium Only Cache)

This one is just a couple of blocks off the trail, and I’m including it here because it’s SO GOOD!  I told you about a few of BetTer Life’s Keith Urban Series caches in my first RunnerCaching Fred post, and this route has a several of these as well.  When you reach the crossing at Willis Street, turn left.  On the other side of Lafayette (careful, there’s no signal) is a super fun cache, deceptively designed to look like something ordinary.  When you find it, you’ll be shocked! 🙂

Woods Off Lafayette, Within A Stone’s Throw (GC1HJZ6)

Back on the trail, as you enter the Cobblestone Square apartment complex, there is a set of stairs leading down into a little wooded park.  It’s nothing more than a nice little loop trail through the trees, and Goingtopot has hidden one of his many caches here.  Every once in a while I take a little detour here during my runs for the change of scenery and to get a little trail running fix.


(I took this photo along the VCR trail in Cobblestone Square back in December when we were having a crazy warm spell.  Fortunately the trees here are blooming once again, and they are beautiful!  I wish I had taken a photo yesterday when I was running by them…)

KU #9, Where The Blacktop Ends (GC4EDRZ, Premium Only Cache)

If you wander through the parking lots at Cobblestone Square a little bit you’ll reach this neat cache by BetTer Life.  This was another of their caches that it took me several tries to find.  Hopefully you won’t need to fish around quite as much for this one…

KU #8, You Gonna Fly (GC4EDR2, Premium Only Cache)

The terrain rating for this cache is 3, but don’t let that scare you.  There’s a set of stairs nearby to help you reach this one.  It’s worth the effort!


(I ran on the VCR trail yesterday with a new friend from Moms Run This Town. We took this photo near the start of the trail off Jackson Street.)

RR Knutz: Fredericksburg (GC38WK9)

The VCR trail ends (well, it actually begins, we’re going backwards) at Jackson Street, but if you keep going straight through the nearby parking lot you’ll come upon an establishment called Colonial Tavern that looks like an old railroad depot.  There’s a geocache on the property, part of a Cachew Knutz’s “RR Knutz” series.  If you find all the caches in the series, you’ll be able to go after the grand prize, The Golden Spike.  I’m not even close to finding all of them.  Each cache in the series contains a number that is part of the coordinates to The Golden Spike.  Problem is, I haven’t done such a great job keeping track of them!

KU #10:  Kiss A Girl (GC4FJ7W, Premium Only Cache)

This cache is cleverly placed near Brock’s Riverside Grill, where my husband and I had our first date back when the place was called Sophia Street Station.  If you want to hear THAT story, scroll back in the logs to mine from August 2014.


(That date back in November 1991 led to this in 1995. )

Stay tuned for my RunnerCache Wrap for March.  I’ve done a little better this month in the geocaching department, and I can’t wait to tell you about some of my adventures.  And of course the fun I’ve had running, and how running without music during Lent was strangely liberating.

I’m planning to run the J. Brian’s Taproom 15K here in Fredericksburg this Saturday for the third year in a row, and I’m looking forward to telling you about that as well!

Now I’m off to tackle some piles of laundry, and since it’s my spring break an all, hopefully to find a few more geocaches.  Enjoy the rest of the week!


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