RunnerCaching Fred: Heritage Trail and Old Mill Park


Welcome to Post No. 2 in my RunnerCaching Fred series, which spotlight the geocaches along my favorite running routes in Fredericksburg. (Be sure to check out my last post, RunnerCaching Fred: Canal Path.) The Heritage Trail connects one end of the Canal Path on Fall Hill Avenue to the other end on Princess Anne Street, and runs right along the Rappahannock River.  It’s arguably the most scenic trail in the area.  I’m excited about this list, because it has not one, but TWO caches I haven’t found yet–plus there are NO premium only caches, so ANYONE can go hunt for them!  Here we go:

Barking Up the Right Tree (GC2H1P1)

The first cache on the list is the first cache I found along this route, back in August 2013.  I was just starting my running journey, working my way toward running a 5K nonstop.  Fortunately the cache owner left a really good hint on the cache page, otherwise I never would have found it.


The Reichenhannock Fall: SHERLOCK Series #3 (GC56PKY)

The second in my SHERLOCK series and my personal favorite–not because it’s a particularly unique or clever hide, but because of its location.  Great views of the river, and a good place to stop and rest for a bit.


Three To Get Deadly (GC1DKBB)

I include this cache with some trepidation.  Seriously.  I’ve paid multiple visits to this cache location, and have yet to find it.  I wouldn’t recommend bringing young kids to this one, because although there is a nice little platform overlooking the river, on either side is a steep dropoff to the water and the rocks below.  I’ve had more than enough heart-pounding moments trying to find this cache.  If you had success with this one and would like to give me any advice on how to find it (preferably without cracking my head open and/or drowning) I would be more than grateful.

Indian Bowl (GC46WM7)

This cache has a string of DNF’s (Did Not Find), so it might not even be there.  Be sure to check the logs before hunting for this (or any) cache to make sure there is a reasonable chance you’ll find it.

The Falls of the Rappahannock (GCZH2W)

This is the MOST FUN geocache along the Heritage Trail.  I would recommend a separate trip for this one (i.e. not while out for a run), because it takes some time.  It’s an earthcache, a fun type of virtual where instead of finding a physical container, you learn a little bit about the geology of the location.  At Falls of the Rappahannock, you note the elevation at various points and observe the geologic makeup of the area both above and below the fall line.  I don’t think I would bring young children here because it involves a rather precarious crossing of part of the river onto an island (which I discovered is teeming with ginormous poison ivy plants during the summer).  Well worth a visit, though, and you’ll learn a little something too!


Aubrey’s Three #3:  Old Mill

Another cache where the last several logs are DNFs.  Same owner as Indian Bowl (BeachBeans).  I was reluctant to include these, but they’re technically still active and hopefully Beach Beans will replace them soon!  When I found them, they were nice little hides.  Worth putting on your watch list, at least.

It’s a Cache Man…or It’snot (GC22PMQ)

Here we veer off the trail into Old Mill Park.  There is lots of parking here, so if you’re caching by car it’s a great place to stop to hunt some geocaches.  I would recommend this one during colder months, when the greenery isn’t so thick.  One of Weird Harold’s hides (now owned by CraftyNuke), it’s earned 39 favorite points–and when you find the cache, man you’ll know why!

Beaver Feaber (GC50JYQ)

Take a walk (or run) across the soccer field toward the river to find this fun little cache, and then…

Get Connected to See the Lights (GC685YG)

It’s a new cache, hidden by WeirdHarold in December 2015.  I haven’t attempted this one yet.  It’s one of two gadget caches he’s placed (I’ll tell you about the other one in another post).  A gadget cache–and I’ve only found two–is usually easy to find but in order to get to the logbook you’ll need to figure out how to make the “gadget” work.  This one apparently involves using your own body as a conductor for electricity and then figuring out some code to open a lock. (Maybe it ought to be listed as a puzzle cache…just sayin.)  It’s already earned five favorite points out of six finders, so it must be good.  I’m only slightly nervous…

Portion of Klotz’s Throwing Company (GC2NDZV)

Hit the trail at Old Mill Park, take a left, cross the street at the crosswalk, continue on the trail until it turns to the right and heads uphill toward Princess Anne Street.  It’s a quick little find, one that won’t slow you down much if you’re out running.


(I paused on my 10-mile run yesterday long enough to take this photo of Meade Pyramid.  If virtual caches were still allowed I would totally place one here.)

The snow is melting and life is returning to normal.  Everyone is going back to school.  I was able to get out for a couple of runs this week–yesterday I did a 10-mile run on Lee Drive, and it was glorious!  I’m not sure when I’ll get to post here again, but keep an eye out for a rundown of the caches on Cowan Boulevard and Hospital Hill (it will be short–there aren’t very many).  And be sure to follow my other blog, Eat, Pray, Work, Love.  By the weekend I hope to have a post up about some of the good spiritual books I’ve been reading.  Have a great rest of the week, and I hope you can get out for some geocaching, running, hiking–anything you like to do to enjoy the beautiful weather they are calling for here.  See you soon!






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