A Trip down memory lane, Part 1 {7QT}

I’ve been blogging off and on since the beginning of 2009.  Over the past 7(!) years, the things that I write about and my blogging style has gone through some ebbs and flows.  In the beginning, I mostly blogged about my Catholic faith.  Later I started blogging about food and sharing recipes, and even started a blog devoted to the food in Nicholas Sparks’ novels. (I just realized how cheesy that seems now, but I really enjoyed that one and would love to get back to it.)  In 2013 when I started running and upped my geocaching game, I found myself posting more and more about those things.  Today I’m sharing some links from my blog Eat Pray Work Love from 2013 and 2014 that were all (or mostly) about running and/or geocaching.  There is quite a bit of material in some of those posts about my faith and my family.  I’m hoping that I can incorporate those things into this blog as well.  I don’t know if that means abandoning Eat Pray Work Love or not; I hope not but either way I’m excited about what the future holds.

On with the 7 RunnerCaching takes!


From September 2013:  Five Favorite Geocaches, Summer 2013


I know at least two of the geocaches on this list have been archived and don’t exist anymore.  Boo.


From December 2013:  Running to Find Jesus.

In which I ramble about running and prayer, and how they fit together nicely.


From December 2013:  Life Running.

A short post in which I talk a little bit about the amazing work of LIFE Runners and how I discovered it at just the right time.


From December 2013 (I was blogging a lot during that month, wasn’t I?):  Five (ahem, SEVEN)  Favorite Geocaches, Fall 2013


In this post, you can see how my life as a Runner Cacher was beginning to take shape.  And at least two of those geocaches have been archived.  Sad face.


From (Guess when?)  December 2013:  Why I Run with John

In which I run with the saints.  Reading that post reminded me of how I need to start inviting my friends in Heaven to run with me again.


From January 2014:  Speed (Or Lack Thereof), Snow Days, and Sherlock


A 7 Quick Takes post.  I love this one for a lot of reasons.  I’m still a slow runner, but (yay) I’m not as slow as I used to be.  And if you do any geocaching in Fredericksburg, you might have run across some of my Sherlock-themed caches, most of which were placed in the summer of 2014.  (This one is my favorite.)

It also reminds me that I want to write an entire blog post around the “bonus” episode of Sherlock that aired last week!  I need to watch it a few more times first…


From December 2014:  The What I Haven’t Told You About Because I Haven’t Blogged in Months Edition.

A 7 Quick Takes Post in which I reminisce about some races I ran, a great weekend with LIFE Runners, some pretty pictures of churches, and a few vacation photos.

Be sure to visit This Ain’t the Lyceum for lots more quick takes!  Kelly’s post this week includes links to some Catholic fitness websites that I’m itching to check out.

Thank you again for taking the time to read this here little Runner Caching blog.  It’s a work in progress, and I hope you’ll bear with me as I try to make it the best it can be!

Have a great weekend!


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